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My contribution
Creative Director, overseeing some parts of the process, with a regularly hands-on contribution.

The client
DarkMatter is the first of its kind in the GCC region. They offer full-spectrum secure communications, develop encryption solutions, and so much more. While my work at DM was mostly focused on client work, I was regularly asked to oversee and/or develop solutions for the organization's brand and communications strategy. 

The ask
To redesign and enhance DM's online presence. 

The scope
Create a scalable, clean, corporate and technology-focused design that communicates the new brand to the public and to potential investors. 

The solution

  1. Developed a fully responsive and bilingual design system that reflects DM's brand identity. 

  2. Collaborated closely with developers to ensure the brand's guidelines are met and maintained. 

  3. Worked closely with CEO and COO to develop and apply a unified visual communications strategy across all printed and digital media. 

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