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Detail n


My contribution
Lead designer, collaborating directly with the client and lead developer.

The client
DetailnPlasti is dedicated to making your experience unforgettable. We are devoted to providing you with the most thorough detailing process, in addition to the most unparalleled service you have ever enjoyed. John has dedicated years in the transition of making his skills, standards, quality, dedication, and perfection into a one-named brand that has successfully been recognized as DetailnPlasti. John Tewogbade is a master detailer and automotive enthusiast, recognized for his impeccable skills in preparing and protecting the assets and standards of some of the world’s most luxurious and exotic vehicles around the Greater Toronto Area.

The ask
To enhance the DP brand. To create a web presence for the brand and offer scheduling, memberships, an e-shop, and a knowledge-sharing platform for members. The client asked to manage their own site once launched and operating.

The Rationale
After exploring several directions, I decided to move ahead with a blended swiss design concept, utilizing bold typography, vivid colors, negative spaces, and clean grids. In addition to that, I wanted to use
 strong, engaging photography that communicates professional detailing to potential clients. 

The solution

  1. I introduced new elements to the brand such as a new color palette, typeface, and a strong visual structure. This aligned the brand's core messaging and visual identity to come to life and stand out. 

  2. I wire-framed, designed and iterated a web presence that reflects the new brand enhancements. And worked with the developers on creating a deeply customized Wordpress site, allowing the client to maintain control and management of their site. 

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