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Work in-progress project 

My contribution
HEK Creative Director, collaborating directly with the client and lead developer.

The client is a startup digital agency with a team between Toronto and Beirut. It aims to bring modern web design and development services to all of Lebanon. 

The ask
Create an uber-modern interface that displays many interactive, animated and responsive web practices as a catalogue to potential clients. Basically, they want to show potential clients their services and skills through their own website. 

The rationale
A bilingual logo, the Arabic and English acronyms, intertwined, representing our team's multilingual identity and work. Geometry is used throughout the brand to connect Middle Eastern geometric styles to the digital web-based identity. To portray that identity, I used a color palette that can not be replicated in print (CMYK). It is a fluorescent palette of RGB values that directly alludes to screens and UIs. 

The solution

  1. We are still in the process of iterating the brand and our web app. 

  2. We are blending as many CSS tricks, JS programs, and other libraries to try to build the first web app of its kind in the Middle East, putting HEK on the map. 

  3. We completed the initial wire frame and designed a high-fidelity prototype. 

  4. We initiated user-testing and received valuable data, driving our concept forward. 

  5. I am currently working with the developer, based in Lebanon, on implementing the outcomes of the user-testing and are planning to launch by September. 

hek logo-2.png
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