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off centre 
music salon


My contribution
Lead designer, collaborating directly with the client and lead developer.

The client
OCMS presents classical music in an innovative salon style atmosphere. Held on Sunday afternoons at Toronto's Trinity-St. Paul's Centre, Off Centre seeks to inspire, educate and entertain by drawing connections between music, history, literature, art, design, and theatre. 

The ask

To modernize and enhance the music centre's online user experience. 
To consolidate the centre's services and content on a single website. 
To provide a visual artwork that represents the centre's work.

The Rationale
To blend classical music & art with a modern web UI interface that communicates with a younger audience. Simultaneously, maintaining classical elements that pay tribute to the founders and their clients. 

The solution

  1. Color: I introduced three new colors to the brand.

  2. Typography: A blend of serif and sans-serif typography was used to show the link between classical and modern. 

  3. Visual Art: I created three unique pieces of digital art, inspired by Wassily Kandinsky, displaying music with visual graphics.   

  4. I wire-framed, designed and iterated a web presence that reflects the new brand enhancements. I also worked with the developers on creating a deeply customized Wordpress site, offering the centre the ability to upgrade and manage their web presence independently. 

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